The Sims 4 Custom Objects 

Play with new objects! In my free time I like to create custom content, work on small modifications and create 3D models. I always try to create something new or combine interesting features. There are bar counters and round tables. But why are there no round bar tables yet? 

If you like my work, please feel free to support me so that there will be more creations in the future. 

Download the package and start playing today! Have fun!

Island Stool of the Stranded Seagull 

The dark wood of this stool fits perfectly to the many rivets on the upper leather seat cushion. You can also use this piece of furniture to bring a bit of the Caribbean straight to your home!

Price: 310§

Rustic Island Table of the Flying Sailor

A team of ten designers worked on this table for several years, which makes the seating comfort of this island table indescribably unique. We have calculated the perfect seat height, back problems are now history!

Price: 420§

DASSA Smart Speaker

Imagine a world just before the end. Catastrophes, totalitarian rulers and abandoned places. The last thing you need now is an artificial intelligence in your house. Get it anyway.  

Price: 828§